Rize Contemporary III Adjustable Bed Base

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Sleep better than ever in the Contemporary III. With modular sections that allow for more personalized positioning, you’ll be able to find just the right way to sleep – and you can save it, too, with the programmable remote and voice-powered app. An adjustable lumbar section gives your back support where you need it most, so you can wake up ready to go

Edge-to-Edge Adjustable Lumbar support

The Contemporary III's separated head section is designed to find the best way to support your back and relieve pain.

Under-Bed Light

Don't worry about stumbling around in the dark when you use the gentle illumination of our LED light in a choice of colors.

Dual USB Outlets

A built-in USB outlet on each side of the base keeps your devices fully charged while you work or play.

Lounge Feature

Lower the legs and take pressure off the lower back with our exclusive lounge position.

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